Monday, September 1, 2008

It's about @#$% time! Sorry for the slacking off but no more complaining. As many of you know we have welcomed a new baby to our home 3 weeks ago. Skyler Lane Saxey was born Aug. 10th weighing in at 8 lbs 8 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Nicole was going to be induced on the 8th but the hospital was too busy. Dang them Skyler almost was an 8/8/08 baby weighing in at 8/8 but alas he came 2 days later and we aren't going to complain. Mom and the baby are doing really well both are healthy and getting along good. Although Skyler is still trying to get the nights and days straightened out. As for the rest of us the kids all love their new brother (sometimes a little too much) and are very excited to show him the ropes. It is not uncommon to find them standing in line to hold him. He has a ton of hair...and yes Nicole did have a lot of heartburn with this pregnancy, so wives tale or not it held true with us. Check out the pictures. and I will work to post baby blessing pictures soon after it happens. I think that will be the first Sunday in October. Anyway it is 1 am and I have to work tomorrow so this is it for now enjoy the pictures.

For color pictures go to my blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Still waiting

So I have been getting some heat for not updating the blog. And I admit that I have been slacking on it lately. We are getting very close to having our baby and I will get post the baby pictures and some other stuff I have been meaning to get to in the next week or 2. I will be home helping with the baby and kids for a few days after the birth and should find some time to post then. So sorry about the delay and I will be updating pictures and what not here soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sage Baptism

Finally I am getting to this. I have beeen meaning to add Sage's baptism all week but have been too busy. So finally I am now getting to it. The event went really well and Sage was really excited. He had no problems and was so handsome. I believe that everyone enjoyed it. Anyway enough yip yapping I will just post a few pictures. If you were there feel free to give your 2 cents worth.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well I was hoping to post some pictures of the cub pack meeting......but we had some disappointment last night. They didn't give Sage his error they claim. The worst part was they didn't even mention that he had done it or recognize him at all. Kind of lame. Oh well we shall just move on. Sage and I decided that he could try to complete all the requirements for the wolf badge by then and they can give him both. An ominous task, but an obtainable one. Sage is really motivated and depending on when the pack meeting is he could potentially do it. There is one requirement that will take him a month but it should be close enough at the end to do it. There are a lot of things to do but he was figuring out in his head this morning how many a day he would do to get it done. So I asked him if he thought he could do it and he said yes. So here we go. I think it will be fun. I know that Sage is super excited and as long as he is having fun then that is really the important part. Yee Haw well hopefully tonight I can get some time to post some pictures and what not. Also I mentioned that I was going to get Nicole to be the updater of this blog. Well not I was told that I would be in charge of that and that is that so sorry y'all but you are stuck with me to be our official blogger. Well later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1st official post by Clark

After constant harassing primarily by Megan I have decided to quiet the voice and join the blogging world. Hopefully I can extend this duty to Nicole and she will keep this updated better than I. Well we are nearing the end of April and Sage has turned 8. He is now a cub scout and will be baptised on May 3rd. As for the cub scouts Sage is off to the races. He has officially been a cub for 1 week and will earn his bobcat badge tonight at his first pack meeting. Congrats Sage! He loves to read and learn and I am sure he will be cruising along in scouts. I have only 2 weeks until the triathlon and I am not ready. But I will see how this goes and let you know later. Otherwise it is rather
quiet on the home front. We will work on getting some pictures up and making this site more aesthetically pleasing. So more to come soon. CYA!

In the Beginning...

Well, here it is the beginning of the Saxey blog. I will update this soon... probably :)