Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well I was hoping to post some pictures of the cub pack meeting......but we had some disappointment last night. They didn't give Sage his error they claim. The worst part was they didn't even mention that he had done it or recognize him at all. Kind of lame. Oh well we shall just move on. Sage and I decided that he could try to complete all the requirements for the wolf badge by then and they can give him both. An ominous task, but an obtainable one. Sage is really motivated and depending on when the pack meeting is he could potentially do it. There is one requirement that will take him a month but it should be close enough at the end to do it. There are a lot of things to do but he was figuring out in his head this morning how many a day he would do to get it done. So I asked him if he thought he could do it and he said yes. So here we go. I think it will be fun. I know that Sage is super excited and as long as he is having fun then that is really the important part. Yee Haw well hopefully tonight I can get some time to post some pictures and what not. Also I mentioned that I was going to get Nicole to be the updater of this blog. Well not I was told that I would be in charge of that and that is that so sorry y'all but you are stuck with me to be our official blogger. Well later.

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